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Making education more inclusive

CDD is committed to ensuring that children with a disability have access to inclusive education and individual support to maximise their academic and social development. We cater for children of all ages and provide support for both formal and non-formal education formats in order to meet different needs and learning styles.

Our early childhood care program targets the most vulnerable pre-primary children with disabilities as there are very few services available to address their more profound needs. At primary and secondary school age, we focus on helping mainstream schools to be more inclusive by training and supporting teachers, curriculum development, providing education materials and assisting families with enrolments. We also operate a pilot non-formal pre-primary school catering for disadvantaged local children who would otherwise miss out on schooling, which integrates children with a disability.

CDD conducts studies and research into the education of children with disabilities in different settings, and this contributes to our policy advocacy, teaching & learning strategies and resource development.

Inclusive mainstream education

Children with disabilities need to be included in mainstream schools so that they can learn and play alongside other children. CDD assists this process by helping these children to enrol in mainstream primary schools and supporting their inclusion into the school by working alongside teachers, training them in inclusive education methods and equipping them with accessible education materials. Where feasible, we also ensure that the school is physically accessible.

In addition to this, CDD develops inclusive education curriculums and works closely with Government departments to promote the education of children with disabilities. We also participate in national and international research and networks to share experiences and insights.

Deaf Blind Day Care

The deaf blind day care program of the Deaf Blind National Resource Centre aims to improve child survival, development and learning by focusing on health, nutrition and hygiene. These are critical to the child’s ability to develop and to teaching the children and carers/parents how to communicate with each other. The service is delivered by CDD’s team of deaf blind specialist staff at the Dhaka Day Centre and in homes around Bangladesh.

Schools for autistic and disadvantaged children

CDD assisted in setting up the Anandashala School for autistic children at Jahangirnagar University and also runs a pilot non-formal pre-primary school catering for disadvantaged local children who would otherwise miss out on schooling and which integrates children with a disability. Both schools are proving to be a great success and ensure that children in the community are able to receive an education regardless of whether or not they have a disability.