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  • Vision:

An inclusive world where all persons with disabilities live with dignity

  • Mission:

To contribute in creating a sustainable inclusive environment where persons with disabilities are meaningfully participating in the mainstream development process, on an equal basis with others

  • Values & Principles
    • Respect all human diversity: CDD demonstrates in all that it does, the respect for difference and acceptance of all human diversity including persons with disabilities
    • Promote respect for dignity and independence of persons with disabilities: CDD will uphold the respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one’s own choices, and independence of persons with disabilities.
    • Promote Creativeness and Professionalism: CDD works to develop ideas and provide technical support necessary for achieving its vision, and thus be mindful of creativeness and professionalism.
    • Work in Partnership: CDD works together with its partner organizations and provide technical support to develop skills and human resources to influence the government and non-government entities.
    • Nurture Culture of Cooperation and Promote Hard Work: CDD is compelled to nurture an environment of cooperation that promotes hard work, perseverance, transparency, accountability and an unshakeable faith in itself.
    • Taking the Side of the Most Vulnerable and Marginalized: CDD aspires to promote the potentials of poor, vulnerable and marginalized people including persons with disabilities to overcome the inequity and injustice of poverty and vulnerability.
    • Appropriate Use of Resources: CDD recognizes that resources are limited and best use has to be made of them, and thus be cautious about value for money in all that it does.
    • All Human Beings are Equal: CDD practices non-discrimination for all in its endeavors promoting gender equality