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  • Disability-specific training
  • Disability information materials
  • Advocacy and campaigning to promote the rights of persons with a disability
  • Workshops, forums & conferences on disability issues
  • Sensitising the community using drama, flash cards, leaflets, courtyard meetings etc
  • Sharing our expertise with organisations on how to be more inclusive

Building understanding & promoting rights

CDD has built a reputation as an experienced and innovative disability inclusion training and consultancy organisation committed to raising awareness of disability issues and improving access for persons with disabilities.

Our core competency is in delivering disability-specific training courses to individuals, partners and organisations throughout Bangladesh and internationally. These courses aim to improve understanding, create disability-friendly environments, and improve access and inclusion to enable persons with disabilities to participate in mainstream society. We also produce and disseminate a range of disability information materials and organise workshops and forums to celebrate the achievements of persons with disabilities and encourage organisations to share experiences on how best to achieve inclusion. Growing recognition of our extensive disability expertise has also led to frequent requests to share our knowledge at national and international conferences.

Disability Inclusion Training Courses

CDD commenced in 1996 to address the need for more skills and capacity in Bangladesh in the disability field by delivering disability-inclusion training. We have now developed a suite of disability training courses and materials and have built up an expert core group of trainers, who have developed their skills at centres of excellence at home and abroad.

Our core training programs are specifically designed to embed inclusive practices at all levels within development organisations, and comprise an extensive training program followed by CDD assessments, monitoring, networking and workshops with peers to stimulate a continual learning environment. We also provide a range of training programs focused on specific disabilities – such as physical, visual, speech, hearing, intellectual, and deafblind disabilities – as well as on related issues such as how to use or make assistive devices, inclusive education, livelihood options, disaster risk reduction, self-help group development and leadership training for persons with disability.

Disability Materials & Resources

CDD has also developed an extensive range of information materials including booklets, manuals, flashcards, videos and DVDs. This information covers subjects ranging from understanding different types of disability to educational resources and storybooks, and is provided to the community to build awareness and understanding of disability.

Building Community Awareness of disability

Another way in which CDD raises community awareness of disability is by engaging with local communities using workshops, leaflets, and drama events to promote the abilities and rights of persons with disabilities.

Information sharing & advice

Due to our unique and considerable experience in the disability field, we are regularly requested to work with Government committees to provide technical policy input. CDD also provides a consultancy service to both national and international organisations to assist them in their inclusion practices, which includes training, studies, research, seminars, workshops, photographic exhibitions and exposure visits.