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CDD`s Assistive Device Centre – CDD AD Centre
CDD`s Assistive Devices are specialized in custom-made device for the persons with disabilities in Bangladesh. This cenrte has extensive experiences in manufacturing different types of prostheses & orthosis devices and metal and wooden devices such as wheelchairs, Tri-cycle, Special chair, Crutch, and other mobility devices. CDD`s AD Centre has been being operating under the umbrella of Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) as a disability resource unit. However, the purpose of centre is to ensure the quality assistive devices for the persons with disabilities based on the needs of local context. We have built a strong service delivery system in disability field that’s leads to persons with disabilities in the mainstream activities, this centre has been providing quality customized assistive devices to persons with disability at their doorsteps and different projects, GO and NGO- INGOs are actively taking part in this process.  
Two units are run together in the centre by the experienced and skilled technical persons.  One unit called Metal and Wood unit and another is prosthetic & orthotic devices unit. The Metal and wood unit manufacture different types of custom-made assistive devices for all type of disabilities to meet a person’s needs and goals.
The P&O unit manufacture custom-made orthosis and prostheses for all type of disabilities and all levels of amputees to suit a person’s needs and goals. All treatment plans at the unit are evidence based and clients are offered the latest technology. The P&O unit combines technological innovation with anatomical design and medical science to create beautiful, functional and comfortable prostheses and orthoses. 
Few photos on both units’ devices –

Assistive devices service delivery

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