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Improving Health

CDD works to provide persons with disabilities with the best possible standard of health, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We aim to provide access to health and rehabilitation services to improve cognitive, sensory and physical functioning.

To achieve this, we raise awareness among families and communities about disability prevention and early intervention issues. Partner organisation trained rehabilitation workers provide health and rehabilitation services at the door steps of persons with disabilities and we ensure those living in very remote areas are serviced using our state of the art ship and mobile van service. We focus on the most vulnerable by offering surgical reconstruction to children born with cleft lip and club foot and improve mobility and quality of life by providing assistive devices such as wheelchairs, tricycles, artificial limbs, hand splints and walking frames.

Health Promotion & training

CDD conducts health promotion activities in order to alleviate the impacts of social, economic and environmental conditions on the health of persons with disabilities. We conduct campaigns on specific disability health issues such as how to prevent future disabilities, use of assistive devices and eye care campaigns throughout the year, disseminating information using posters and leaflets, community meetings, visits to households and health and disability worker training.

Reconstructive surgery

CDD provides reconstructive surgery and follow up speech and physical therapy for people with cleft lip and palate and club foot deformities. The surgeries are conducted by qualified pre-selected surgeons at regional hospitals throughout the year, and have enabled thousands of people to go on to live healthy, productive and fulfilled lives.

Assistive Devices

CDD produces and supplies thousands of different assistive devices to help persons with disabilities to become more mobile and independent, such as wheelchairs, artificial limbs, hand splints and visual and hearing aids. These devices are manufactured at our central facility, the National Resource Centre on Assistive Technology in Savar, and are distributed through our extensive country-wide partner network. Through this program, many persons with disabilities have been able to gain more functionality, participate in community activities and become less socially isolated.

A photographic list of our assistive devices and a price list can be found here.

Regional & remote outreach

To ensure that we reach persons with disabilities living in regional and remote areas, we operate a Mobile Therapy Unit. This comprises two vans and a ship which travel regularly to isolated areas where persons with a disability have few, if any, services available to them, to provide assessments, health checks, information and assistive devices.