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Want to stand beside Persons with Disabilities?

Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)

CDD works in partnership with a network of over 350 organisations both nationally and internationally. In 2010, our founding Executive Director, A.H.M. Noman Khan, had the prestigious honour of being awarded the international Ramon Magsaysay Award in recognition of his pioneering leadership and dedication to building a society that is truly inclusive and barrier-free. The Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) is a not for profit organisation established in 1996 to develop a more inclusive society for persons with a disability. It is estimated that 16 million people in Bangladesh are living with a disability, receiving little or no assistance and excluded from mainstream life. CDD’s mission is to address this by simultaneously educating the community in how to be more inclusive whilst also enabling persons with a disability to participate in society by providing them with essential supports. In this way persons with disabilities can be given the same rights, freedoms, dignity and quality of life as everyone else.


Voice for persons with disabilities

Rafiqul Islam is a 40 years old guy from village Boali of Sreepur Union under Shundarganj Upazilla, Gaibandha. He is married and has three children. He works as a shopkeeper. Rafiq was seven years old when he was affected by typhoid and had treatment by a quack. After the treatment he noticed deformities in his left leg and couldn’t walk properly. He started to work as agricultural day labor and earn very little which was not adequate to run his 5 members family. Because of his disability, people don’t want to provide him work.

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The Designer Who Designs the Dream

Mosabbir Hossain, a 25 years old deaf youth working as the Jr. Designer at Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd. of Urmi Group since January 2018. He is also studying Bachelor of Business Studies in 3rd year at the Dhamrai Government College, Dhaka. Though he has the bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, he is a well conversant lip reader and normally communicates orally. He listens with the support of behind the ear Hearing Aid in both ears. Nowadays, members of his family seem to enjoy the improved confidence and firmed nexus among the members

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Accessibility for inclusion

Barrier-free environment ensures equitable society. Accessibility is a right to access facilities of the society that is enjoyed by all. Everyone needs different services from institutions, but can’t, mainly due to inaccessible infrastructures. To break down the barriers, 3 eye hospitals in Kurigram, Sirajgonj and Narshingdi districts, are now fully accessible to all kinds of persons with disability. CDD’s technical team conducted an accessibility assessment and submitted a report with necessary recommendations for modification and adaptations.

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CDD currently has a total staffing complement of approximately 360 people, who work across its 5 offices and training centres in Dhaka, Savar, Dinajpur, Gaibandha Chittagong, and Coxs'Bazar in Bangladesh. The majority of staff are specialist disability trainers and project managers who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities. Over the years CDD has built a reputation as a centre for excellence for disability related development and this is based on the exceptional quality and professionalism of our people of whom we are justifiably proud.

Board Team CDD is fortunate to have considerable voluntary expertise on our Board and a listing of current members is as follows: Mr. Jowaherul Islam Mamun :-Chairman. Mr. Nasiruddin Ahmed:- Vice Chairman. Mr. Serajul Islam :-Treasurer. Mr. M A Baten :-EC member. Adv. Nazrul Islam :-EC member. Ms. Mohua Paul :-EC member. Mr. Tareq Mohammed Momtazur Rahaman :-EC member. Mjor (Retd) Md. Zahirul Islam :-EC member.

A.H.M Noman Khan:- Executive Director Mr. Noman has a Masters Degree in Management from Dhaka University and started his career as a Government Officer but quickly realised that he had a passion for working in a more hands-on role assisting the community. He moved to the NGO sector as a Development Researcher and made a significant contribution to developing participatory community development approaches in Bangladesh and building rural and remote institutions. This part of his career exposed him to the issues faced by persons with disabilities and he decided to dedicate himself to working in this area to help improve access, equality and rights. He has conducted considerable research in the disability and development areas and has a thorough grasp of the fundamentals involved. In 1996, he founded the Centre for Disability in Development with a team of dedicated development professionals in order to address the lack of skills and knowledge in Bangladesh in the disability field, which he felt strongly was negatively impacting on the advancement of access and inclusion for persons with disabilities living in the country. His leadership made it possible for CDD to flourish and develop working partnerships with over 350 Government and non-government development organisations in Bangladesh and to attract support from national and international funding bodies. Sixteen years later, Noman is still at the helm of the organisation, leading with the same passion and commitment with which he started. In 2010, his significant achievements were recognised when he was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award, the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Nazmul Bari:- Director Mr Bari has an Honours and Masters in English Literature from Dhaka University, and started his career in journalism. He was one of the founding members of staff of CDD and is currently the Director. His major responsibilities include program development and management, public relations and national and international networking and advocacy of disability inclusive development. His skills emcompass project design, management, assessment and evaluation, conducting and designing training and facilitating workshops on disability and development issues. Bari has also conducted participatory projects, evaluations and assessments in different countries in Asia and Africa and presented papers at international courses and workshops.


Accounts and Administration Assistant- Sharankhola, Bagerhat

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Terms of Reference (TORs) for Conducting FINAL EVALUATION OF THE PROJECT:

‘Increasing access to inclusive quality education and lifelong learning for children and

Social Capital and Disability in Bangladesh (SCDB)

Project Title: Social Capital and Disability in Bangladesh (SCDB): a population-based study










Climate Actions

Key Focus Area


Building understanding and promoting rights

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Inclusion in disaster preparedness, response and recovery activities

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Access to specialized advice, opportunities and support for people with deaf-blindness

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Making Education more Inclusive

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Straightening the ability to communicate, Participate and self-advocate.

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Encouraging greater financial self-sufficiency

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Social strengthening family and community

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Want to stand beside Persons with Disabilities?



Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) pioneer in providing specialized & a wide spectrum of Physiotherapy services. physiotherapy consultancy and services provided through this unit.


CDD Training and Learning Centre (TLC)offers a complete solution for Comfortable affordable and Accessible venue for Training Meeting workshop or any others official occasion in a calm and quite environment closed to Dhaka city.


Assistive Device & Technology Unit provide The prosthetic and orthotic and The Special Seating Department (SSD) provides postural inserts for children with physical disabilities to increase their independence and mobility


It produces Braille education materials e.g. Braille text book, Braille documents for awareness, Policy paper, handouts etc and also supply to other organizations, agencies, Government agencies as and when necessary.