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Anika Rahman Lipy, Assistant Director, Training, CDD


Lipy has been part of the CDD team since day one and currently coordinates CDD’s training activities. Due to having a physical disability that has confined her to a wheelchair since birth, Lipy has directly faced the barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from being able to participate fully in society. However, her determination to challenge prevailing attitudes, demand equal rights and access to opportunities has seen her flourish into a very competent and professional trainer and coordinator who is in high demand for speaking engagements to share her experiences.




20 Years of CDD: Towards Inclusive Development.

Special Souvenir for CDD’s 20th Anniversary 2016! [View] or [Download]


20 Years of CDD: Towards Inclusive Development [Flyer]


Dhaka Conference on Disability & Disaster Risk Management  Read More……


Flash Flood Chakaria 2012 Emergency Response CDD,    Please watch us


Round Table discussion: On 12th May 2016 one round table session was jointly organized by CDD & GIZ at Prothom Alo Bhaban. Title of the discussion was ‘Inclusion of persons with disabilities in Bangladesh’s apparel industries” which is published 13th May. Read More … (English version) & (Bengali version)



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News & Events

A Brighter Future – The Deafblind Story.   By Osama Rahman.

Published in the Star (volume 11, edition 3), a weekly publication of the Daily Star Newspaper in Bangladesh, on 20 January 2012.

Hafizul Rahman (Torikul) stands as a true testament of human will. A support staff of Jhikorgacha Development Organisation (JDO) in Jessore, Torikul goes about his daily menial tasks without the slightest hint of exerting extra effort. But what makes him such a prominent example of courage and self‐belief? Unlike most, Torikul is not able to see, hear or even speak. Even the simplest of tasks for us is an arduous effort for him. Yet, when officials from Centre for Disability Development, one of the leading NGOs in the disability arena of Bangladesh…….(read more)


Shafallah Forum Stresses Disaster Plan

Published in the Qatar Tribune on 24th January 2012

A COMPREHENSIVE and inclusive disaster management strategy to meet the challenges faced by people with various types of disabilities during natural disasters is of…….(read more)


Engaging The Future by Azin Rafiuddin

Published in The Star (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 23rd December 2011 – Vol 10, Issue 48.

When someone cannot walk, speak, hear and see, our cultural attitudes impose on them the definition of an invalid; a speck in the whole conundrum that we call society. Civilisation did not start with the iPad nor did common man start by being wise so why is it that when…….(read more)

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